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Put’em together R.I.P. them apart…” stake, battle or burn to collect them all on the DTC blockchain. 

Monster Lab - DTC Digital Trading Cards

You’ll never forget that first night… You were watching television, it was late, there wasn’t really anything on… and then the doorbell rang. Odd, you thought, who would be dropping by at this hour? Not thinking, you opened the door and BANG… Your life will never be the same! You found yourself frozen in fear standing in front of a three armed, one eyed monster. Oddly enough, you didn’t feel threatened. He reached out and handed you a tattered manuscript notebook and then suddenly dissolved into slime at the base of your front door, with the exception of his eyeball, which remained, staring at you…The manuscript opened in front of your face. Hovering in mid-air it read…You’ve been chosen to save the world from a terrible fate.
Make up your mind before it’s too late…

DTC Digital Trading Cards
INZOMNIA - digital trading cards
Monster Lab DTC Digital Trading Cards

It’s Burton meets Pokemon…
“The first creation he thought to try
was to grow an entire body
from one single eye…!”

“Put’em Together R.I.P. Them Apart!”



DTC Digital Trading Cards

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